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Attending school daily is required by law and is the parents' responsibility.

Children who have excellent attendance thrive the most and achieve the best academic outcomes at school. 

We make consistent attendance and punctuality a top priority. Our expectation is for students to attend every day of every term of every year.

This is our full attendance policy.

Reporting absence

Please call 01420 472132 and select option 1 by 9am when your child is sick, and provide daily health updates after that.

Parents must call the school for every day of absence. For more details on reporting absence please see the absence reporting page.

To support your child's attendance, please schedule routine medical appointments outside school hours when possible. If a visit is during school, have your child come to school before and/or after the visit.

What is my child's current attendance?

You can track your child's attendance online using Epraise and Arbor (Spring 2024).

Should I send my child to school? 

Please visit the NHS website for advice.

NHS - Should I send my child to school?

Planned absence

For any planned absence, you must submit a Leave of Absence Request Form in good time. Please collect and return it to the school reception team.

What is unauthorised absence?

An unauthorised absence occurs when a student misses school without an approved reason. Some examples of unauthorised absences are:

  • Missing school for a holiday or family trip
  • Taking a day off for fun activities like shopping or a concert
  • Refusing to attend school for avoidable reasons
  • Arriving late to school with no reasonable explanation

Worried about your child's attendance?

Please contact our Attendance Officer Mrs P Fytche. Please call 01420 472132.