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Our mixed age registration group structure encourages students to act considerately and responsibly at all times.  In addition, through our ‘Student Leader’ system students in all years have the opportunity to apply to take on additional roles through which they can develop leadership skills, support their peers and make an important contribution to the life of the Academy.  In Year 10, students are invited to apply for the roles of Head Student, Deputy Head Student and Senior House Leaders.  These students play a significant role in leading the School with key staff.

School Council

Students from every registration group are represented by School Council representatives who attend half-termly School Council meetings.

School Council representatives discuss and debate a range of issues and subjects that directly affect students at Oakmoor.  They act as a voice for each registration group and for the whole student body.

Members of the local community and Town Council are also invited to attend meetings and become actively involved with the School Council to support the students with their ideas and initiatives.

Over the past few years the School Council have been involved with events such as assisting with student panels as part of interviewing new staff, recommending positive changes to school catering, researching and modifying the school uniform, contributing to the School Strategic Plan and working closely with the East Hampshire Youth Council.

Student Voice

Alongside the School Council, students across the school are encouraged and given the opportunity to voice their opinions through Student Voice activities.  This consists of student questionnaires, registration group activities that provide opportunity for student debate and feedback to staff and through individual focus groups.

Through the School Council and Student Voice we aim to develop our students into responsible young adults who can use their voice in a positive way to affect change.