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Alongside the academic opportunities available to our students there is an exciting Personal Development programme that students in all years can access.  This opportunity is provided to enrich provision for our students and to develop their self-awareness, self-esteem and a sense of identity.

It also allows individuals to develop resilience and contributes to the realisation of dreams and aspirations encouraging students to achieve beyond their potential.

At the start of Year 7 students enjoy a “Team Building” day off site at a local outdoor centre with our staff and trained instructors.  They spend the day practising and developing their communication skills, developing resilience and completing problem solving activities, all of which help them to bond and grow as a year group within the Academy.

During Year 8 students are offered a more in depth personal development programme and take part in a range of activities over several months to build further on the skills they gained in Year 7.  They will focus on team work, communication, challenge and will set themselves personal goals to achieve.  These activities take place both on and off site with our staff and trained instructors.

During Year 9 and 10 students move on to participate in a student leader course and they also have the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

In Year 11 we are extremely proud to be able to offer our students the opportunity to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.