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Pastoral and Academic Care

We are extremely proud of the strong pastoral care that is offered at Oakmoor.  Every child is carefully placed in a registration group and is allocated a Mentor.  The Mentor oversees the group every morning and provides a focus for contact between home and school.  The Mentor develops an overview of each child’s progress and provides advice and guidance through Academic Mentoring.  Many other staff work alongside the Mentor to ensure each child is happy, safe, achieving or exceeding their academic potential and is making the most of all the opportunities the School provides.  We also have excellent links with a wide range of agencies who can give additional support for children and families as necessary.

We have very high expectations of our students in terms of the standard of work they produce and the behaviour throughout the school.  We are extremely proud of our A.C.E motto which stands for Ambition, Courage and Excellence.  These are three simple characteristics that students and staff strive to achieve and implement each day.  Our ethos is based on the students having ambition and aspiration in all that they do, challenging themselves, taking risks and having the courage to try new experiences and striving to achieve personal excellence at all times.   We place an emphasis on praise and reward and recognition for the endeavours of groups and individuals.